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The school play is coming up and Stewart encourages Ethan to join the crew, as he did back in school, but it appears that Ethan would rather follow in the footsteps of his Uncle Dean.

When Ethan does not get the role despite Dean's coaching, Dean learns that the drama teacher is a former classmate who still holds a grudge.

Though Dean is not a lawyer, he believes that his experience playing one on television makes him qualified to practice law.

He decides to join his family's law firm, Sanderson & Yao, much to the chagrin of his younger brother Stewart (Fred Savage), who is a real-life lawyer.

Claire's relationship with Timothy Olyphant continues to grow, with a jealous Dean taking the lead in a vandalism case trying to connect Olyphant as the culprit even though both situations have nothing do with each other.

A newspaper reporter follows Stewart around for a story, however, the story's focus then takes a turn to be about Dean.

With Timothy Olyphant now dating Claire, he starts showing up at the law office.

When Olyphant gives legal advice based on one of his TV episodes and Stewart says it could actually work, Dean becomes unnerved.

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It soon becomes clear to Stewart that Rozz & Landy hired Dean for his celebrity status so he can entertain and impress clients, and Dean eventually catches on.Dean encourages the law firm to take the case of a couple that was fired from their job for violating a no-dating policy.