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19-Apr-2020 17:57

When this issue is encountered, it can be troublesome to find out where in the communication chain the problem lies.There are a handful of tests that can be run to help diagnose the problem.The computer that hosts NI VLM is referred to as the license server, and the end-users' computers are referred to as the client computers.The license server hosts the NI VLM, which is operated by the company's license administrator; the client computers contact the license server to check for permission from NI VLM before launching the software.Me, and the servers admins appreciate your help immensely.

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NI recommends you complete these tests in this order.EDIT: We just got a PM from an user who claims to have something to do with the whole event saying they spotted this Reddit post.EDIT 2: The user with the bot joined right before the bot.They are malicious, and have destroyed more than one server.

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Thank you all for your help, me, and our community, really truly appreciate it.I've read quite a bit of theories in the comments, but for situations like this, usually Occam's Razor can explain it fairly well: the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

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