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Consult the specification table to find the right unit for you.

All Lite Gait models are backed by a one year warranty*, a responsive Service Department, and an extremely active Education Department conducting affordable on-site training and CEU accredited courses.

Learning Bayesian Belief Network Classifiers: Algorithms and System.

Scaling-Up Support Vector Machines Using Boosting Algorithm.

The Lite Gait harness provides frontal, sagittal and transverse plane postural control.

The Lite Gait family of products has provided a safe and effective environment for walking therapy for almost two decades.

Optimal Reinsertion: A New Search Operator for Accelerated and More Accurate Bayesian Network Structure Learning.

Bernhard Pfahringer and Geoffrey Holmes and Richard Kirkby. Please call to make sure your existing treadmill will fit the Lite Gait unit.For overall unit width add 4 inches, or 3 inches for the WK75, WK100 & LG100MX. Electricity Based External Similarity of Categorical Attributes.

Asymptotic Behaviors of Support Vector Machines with Gaussian Kernel. As the original partial weight bearing therapy device, Lite Gait has forever altered gait therapy techniques, as well as expectations of outcome.