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If you’re into drama, then know that the current owner of Crow Haven went to court for physically attacking the owners of rival witch shop New England Magic in 2012.New England Magic also sells a perfectly good selection of beginner witch books, in case you’d rather vote with your dollars.For as long as anyone I know can remember, Derby Books was owned by one family, first a couple and then their two children, who stacked used and new books in teetering, ten-foot-high piles.Every surface was booked, including the checkout counter.Although you need a paid membership to check books out at the Atheneum, anyone can come in and use the space for free at any open time.

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Harrison’s has a better selection, and it used to be my go-to, but some unsavory sexist nonsense went down there in 2014 and I no longer give them my business.

During the 19th century, Salem was still a super important port and kind of a bigger deal in trade than Boston.