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They read obscure telephone company technical journals.” Legend has it that one hacker took a prize whistle out of a Captain Crunch box and, realizing it blew at the same frequency that indicated payment for long-distance calls, used the whistle to make free calls around the world, earning him the moniker Captain Crunch.(Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak so admired Captain Crunch they hunted him down for a meeting.) Sean* loved these nerd hobbyists. “The people coding things for fun in their basement.” Sean was a good, self-effacing storyteller with a gentle voice and he leaned forward as if to apologize for his height.Some of them were really sweet.” One was so surprised that “Haley” said he was attractive that he couldn’t help but eventually circle back to the comment “And you mean that Sean hadn’t expected conversations to go so far that people would arrange to meet. At first, he was tempted to spy on the date, which was at a café/bar in North Beach: “It would have been comedic gold.” But the more he thought about it, the more he lost his nerve. He began to shut down conversations when Haley or he noticed men were fixing to meet.

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“You’d see pictures of some of these guys and you’d start to feel bad.Over drinks, he told me that he had grown up poor in rural Michigan and that hacking in the early days of the internet had saved him.