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09-Nov-2019 17:08

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Database In this article I have used Microsoft's Pubs database for sample data. Download Here we connect the Stores table of Pubs database for these operations.

Sql Client; public partial class _Default : System.

Editing the Grid View control can be an incredibly easy feature to add for certain database tables, especially those who have no foreign key associated and can easily be edited through the use of a standard Text Box web control as shown in the figure below: Before we start examining the ASP.

NET Grid View markup and associated code lets first enumerate the important code pieces of this tutorial.

I am using Template Field’s Item Template and Edit Item Template for providing read only and editing interface of the same column in the Grid View.

By Default, Grid View control displays Item Template which directly shows the Product Name and Unit Price columns but when user clicks Edit button Grid View automatically switches to Edit Item Template and display the control available inside Edit Item Template for user editing.

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To String("update stores set stor_name='" stor_name. In data driven web sites, users are normally allowed to view data and administrators are allowed to add, edit or delete data.