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She also goes for spinning classes (cycling on a virtual bike).

Regarding her diet, Bipasha starts her day with warm water, almonds (soaked overnight) and tea. Her lunch now does not include rice as she is more focused on her shape. Bengali Fitness lover, Bips has now released a DVD “Love Yourself by Bipasha Basu” featuring herself and her celebrity fitness trainer Deanne Panday.

How would it be having a date or even a relationship with a man like Cristiano?

The Real Madrid player is considered one of, if not, the best footballer of the world (competition is always on with other football geniuses like Messi or Neymar).

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Due to his superstardom both on and off the football pitch, the personal life of Cristiano Ronaldo has inevitably come under intense scrutiny ever since the then-16 year-old-year joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon in 2003.

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It is no so great when you base your entire life on it Cristiano is an innate competitor.

After that, she took commerce at Bhawanipur Education Society College after 12th standard.