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And, I'll be wearing some killer underpinnings when I do.--- Kristen Carbone and her two delightful children currently live, eat, garden, dance and generally thrive in the midst of an endless construction project in the suburbs of Rhode Island.This surgical-turned-self-discovery process has changed what I thought I'd want in a partner.Although I still can't articulate exactly what I ​do want, I trust that I'll know when I find him.All of the rejection I've gotten--not texting me back after a date (or even before one was set), simply not showing up, or even being straight-up rejected, wasn't about my breasts (one time it was because I didn't like football enough! And, if it ever was secretly about my breast-y situation, I feel lucky to have dodged the bullet early.DATING AFTER MASTECTOMY Dating is an odd, humorous, sometimes depressing, sometimes amazing process of meeting new people: highlighting my best qualities (my quick wit, keen sense of smell and love of jigsaw puzzles), telling them the big scary things (lingering fear of cancer), and then deciding if we want to keep getting to know one another (usually no, but sometimes yes).BUILDING CONFIDENCE As a single mom getting ever closer to 40, I'd like to share my future with someone.I've just begun to dip my toe into the dating pool and decided to, much like bra shopping, "try on" a bunch of potential choices.

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Knowing the real risk factors and making healthy lifestyle choices can help you reduce your risks.

​These moments of doubt are universal, as we all have feelings about our bodies that ebb and flow with age, weight loss or gain, or even with changes in mood.

EMBRACING THE NEW YOUAn essential component of my emotional healing has been getting new lingerie.

The Jess Triangle Cup Wire-Free Bra (pictured below) is an ideal option because it's versatile enough to work for anyone post-mastectomy while being just as pretty as a regular lace bra.

The built-in pockets can lay flat or accommodate lightweight breast forms or prosthesis.

It has a gorgeous stretch lace design with fully lined soft cups to smooth everything out.