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It’s the best chance to see what life was like for the men and women who came seeking a better future during the gold boom.

There’s also a pretty big baseball tournament, too! Most of the state has an exceedingly low pollution rate, too!

Careful, though, they’re a little more dangerous to hunt than deer. Most people might be afraid of hitting a deer, but it’s the pronghorn that you’ve got to keep your eyes on around here. Horseback riding is a big deal in Wyoming, what with the rodeo and farming being as large as they are.

There are tons of them, but without all the cars on the road you’re probably more likely to move out of the way before they total your truck. It’s nothing to see someone riding horseback through town or along the highway.

Cheyenne is steadily becoming a bit of a hotspot for the younger Wyomingites. You’re in Wyoming, so you’ve got to give a bison burger a try. It survived Prohibition, three different name changes and has lasted for over a 100 years in business. Texas might think they’ve got a claim on the last surviving cowboys, but Wyoming knows better–the real ones are actually living here. And while you’re at Yellowstone, make sure to check out the Grand Prismatic Springs is the third largest hot spring in the world.

It’s home to great bars like The Outlaw Saloon, the Celtic Music Festival, the country’s largest outdoor rodeo and the Big Country Speedway. It’s one of the best places in Sheridan to go to relax and see all of Wyoming’s history in one place. Farming is still a way of life here all over the state, not just in small pockets. It waters create a prism of light that reflects the colors of the rainbow.

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This little fast food joint serves what they like to call “West-Mex.” It’s kind of like that other famous taco joint, except John’s has something called potato olés, which are bite-sized potato nuggets. A lot of people talk like Alaska is the coldest place in the country, but they clearly haven’t been to Wyoming.It might cost a little more to buy it locally, but you’ll be supporting your neighbors in the process.Something that people in Wyoming understand better than most?Volunteer to scope out seminars and training conferences for your company.

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On your coffee break, leave your department and go for a stroll on the floors above or below you.

Go to your company's annual picnic or holiday party to meet coworkers from other departments or ask to be a guest at a friend's company social event to meet an entirely new set of people.

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