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The form's Key Preview is set to True so that I can handle key events on the form...If I connect a gun type, the program fails and the cursor jumps to a text box that has it's Tab Stop property set to False.Somewhere in all of that, something must be getting crossed up.For example, I have another application that uses a wedge type barcode reader.Also note that the "trick" to closing the form is not keeping a seperate "canceling" flag, but to put "e.cancel=False" in the forms closing event.Tags: brittany daniel is dating keenen ivory wayans Free adult chat no regerstrationdating in bradford pa Redtube free sex chat livedatingng Skype hot chat srbija Best sites to random cam sex Free typing sex chat with hot girls Free meet and fuck no registration uk Nude cam 2 cam sites Close() End Sub Private Sub Text Box1_Validating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

I did not realise the Cell was a child control of the actual Data Grid View. The two issues do deal with validation but they are very different and they are not linked. Causes Validation Property: Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control causes validation to be performed on any controls that require validation when it receives focus. Cell Validating Event: Occurs when a cell loses input focus, enabling content validation.Also in the docs on Key Down there is a mention of "Is Input Key" which I will have to look into.

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Hi Al, Don't know if you have been following the thread I started about the escape key "bug", but if you search this community for "Cancel Button vs Escape Key", you can see the result including the work around for the escape key.

framework 3.5 C# C# data Grid View Cell Validating event fires regardless of Causes Validation set to false of Cancel button I have the Cancel buttons Causes Validation set to false but the above event still fires. First of all - The validating events of a control CAN be supressed by setting the Causes Validation = false of the other control that gest focus to. For example if you do not want the validation event of a Text box to fire when you click the Cancel button ( as you would ), then you must set the btn Cancel.