Canadian dating laws

12-Apr-2020 02:54

The federal marriage legislation (see above) specifically restricted marriage to one man and one woman.

A lesbian who chose a man to marry would qualify under this act.

But it allows any two persons to marry through the reading of the banns.

Exceptions are individuals who are too young, or who are already married, or who are too closely related.

This section of the Criminal Code was passed in 1993 in order to make it easier for the police to charge stalkers. "The Incidence and Prevalence of Woman Abuse in Canadian University and College Dating Relationships," Journal of Human Justice. Of a random sample of staff from a New Hampshire nursing home, 36% reported witnessing physical abuse in the preceding year, while psychological abuse had been witnessed by 81%.

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In addition, the Supreme Court of Canada has repeatedly ruled that individuals in Canada cannot be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation either.

Charges will be laid in all spousal abuse cases where reasonable grounds to charge exist.