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30-Jan-2020 12:25

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Because you are His child you can find all your worth and validation in Him.

He died because He wants to spend eternity with you. Anyone, no matter their sex or how they feel about their own gender identity, is called to holiness and to live a life of self-giving love.

I have a hard time telling you that every Catholic Church will be super welcoming, especially if you stand out from the norm because the Church is made up of other broken, sinful people. I’ve been judged at church for wearing shorts, or receiving communion on the tongue or receiving communion on the hand, or any number of things that others decided to judge me for. We are a Church made up of people who keep coming back to God for healing and guidance.

So if you need help on the road to heaven, if you need encouragement to live a Christian life, if you’re looking for some truth instead of the same old, “do whatever you want” mentality, this is the place for you.

God’s will for your life is that you grow closer to Him.

I get a pit in my stomach and I worry that whomever reads it won’t fully understand, 1) what I’m trying to say, and 2) that it comes from the best part of my heart.For this season, He may be asking you to grow in holiness (grow closer to Him) by wrestling with trying to trust Him that He doesn’t make mistakes and that He created you as male or female for a reason.Maybe in the next season of your life, He will ask you to grow closer to Him by working with a therapist to help you relieve some of the daily anxiety in your life caused by not feeling at home in your own skin.He doesn’t promise to take away our sufferings and struggles, but He does promise to be there carrying our crosses alongside us.

Regardless of how you experience your mind, body, and sexuality being in contention and working against one another, there are a couple things that are true for all of us. You are first and foremost a son or daughter of God and being His child is the number one priority.I know that societal norms for men and women can be frustrating.

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