Chely wright dating now

09-Nov-2019 01:58

At age 4, I knew I wanted to be a country-music singer, and at age 9, I realized, holy crap, I’m gay.The reason I say “holy crap” is because the messages I was getting non-linguistically, subtly, overtly, every message I got from my community, my church and my school was gay was not OK.For some reason that night, I didn’t pull the trigger.I went upstairs and slept a few hours and got up the next morning, and I was terrified to go downstairs where that nine-millimeter gun was sitting on my mantle and all of this was happening in my home in downtown Nashville.It was a long story, but the short of it is, I had a nine-millimeter gun in my mouth and I was at my rock bottom. I am a person full of faith, but I had very masterfully painted myself into a corner. I nearly took my life because I couldn’t figure out a way to get myself out of this tricky situation.I am not a person who is predisposed to depression I was senior-class president. My love of music and the country-music career I had built and this other very real part of me who is a gay woman, I didn’t know how to make those two fit and I nearly committed suicide."My dating men was my giving it a Hail Mary toward normal," she says."I ultimately just confused the heck out of them because I couldn't love them the way they loved me." Chely says she has many regrets about the way she treated these men, particularly Brad Paisley.

The connection Diversity Inc had to bring her here is through GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network."I have a lot of regret for how that began and had a middle and ended," she says.