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13-Sep-2020 05:51

I am a social work student, and we are required to intern in agencies to practice social work skills that we learn in class.A Korean classmate told me she is not doing well in her agency because oftentimes she can’t understand what’s going on in group meetings since they all talk fast and in slang.Not everyone I meet in New York City wants to talk to me, and the major reason is because my social skill is deeply affected by my language and cultural barriers.I’m a Chinese student studying at Columbia University who moved to New York City last August, and prior to that, I had never lived in a foreign country outside of China.She also had difficulty with understanding her clients’ accents.I feel her pain so much and I know we are definitely competent in terms of knowledge and experience both in school and in the workplace, otherwise we wouldn’t have been accepted to Columbia University and be able to maintain an outstanding grade point average.

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The Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action provides training programs to educate faculty, staff and students about conduct that may constitute a violation of University policy, their duties and responsibilities under the policies, and to inform them of the procedures that are available to manage alleged violations.

I got where I am because I’ve met amazing people who are so caring, understanding and empathetic. Some Chinese students tell me they can’t fit into the culture. I wish more Americans can put themselves in our shoes; acts of kindness like sincere check-ins, inviting us to different activities, showing interest in us are all helpful in assisting us to find a sense of belonging in the new environment.