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After 13 years in operation Cupid Media is known for developing and refining technologies to ensure user friendly, highly efficient tools to improve member experience onsite.

Cupid Media is a leading online technology company that operates 35 specialized niche dating sites.

We are always looking to provide a more localized experience in each market we operate in.

One way of doing this is by providing multiple language options,” said Jason Johnson, Marketing Manager at Cupid Media.

As many as 42 million people from around the globe had their information stolen from an online dating network, including names, email addresses, unencrypted passwords, and dates of birth, according to a report published by security researcher Brian Krebs.

The Australian-based Cupid Media, which owns more than 30 niche dating sites such as Asian and and Brazilian, has disputed that number, but admitted to Krebs that a breach did occur in January 2013. Because 42 million is one of the largest breaches to happen this year, made worse by the fact that the exposed passwords were stored as plain text.

Maybe you’ve thought about it before or maybe it’s a completely new idea, but either way there are some key reasons you should definitely consider dating a Russian woman.

1) Across many parts of Russia there is a definite imbalance in the population where women outnumber men.

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“Our members come from all around the world and access many of our sites, it is important for us to provide them with a seamless transition around each site to help them connect with other singles,” said Mr Johnson."Not only does this allow crooks to potentially impersonate [users] elsewhere, it also allows unscrupulous employees at their own organization to log in to users' accounts without authorization." In this case, according to information reviewed by Krebs, 34 million of the Cupid Media users registered with email addresses from Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.Another reason to worry: More than 1.9 million of the hacked accounts used the classic password 123456, while another 1.2 million used 111111.The breach happened on the same server as the recent Adobe hack, which, according to the company, resulted in 38 million user mail addresses, encrypted passwords and password hints being compromised.

Earlier this month, however, security firm Last Pass claimed that information from more than 150 million user accounts had been exposed.

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