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It’s not quite as snappy as Harry Potter’s soubriquet, but that doesn’t matter. There’s a huge swathe of original ideas from writer Jack Thorne about death and the end of the world (the ash-and-blood dreams and the ‘collateral damage’ of the dead birds that keep dropping out of the sky are particularly memorable touches) and plenty of heart-stopping ‘Zoikes! However, where it stumbles isn’t in the supernatural world, but in the sub-was ever shown after watershed, but the dialogue swings from the exceptional to the appalling and back again like a metronome on m-cat and some of the supporting characters are currently thinner than a GCSE Dance coursework folder.Paul is a bit typically sensitive and different to be completely convincing, but he does get to drop a few zingers along the way (‘Well, there’s the female mystique fucked, then,’ he memorably remarks after the incident in the girls’ loos) and Mac’s movie monologues work more often than not.mnoandco, Hier Encore quelques heures pour dpartager les finalistes du concours de crations New Amsterdam/Doctor Who...mnoandco, Hier Direction New Amsterdam pour un p'tit clic...mnoandco, Hier Calendriers du mois et nouvelles photos dpartager sur les quartiers Cold Case et FBI Ports Disparusmnoandco, Hier Bon Week-End !

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While Mac constantly witters on – literally without stopping – about himself, crisps, films and sex (‘Sadly, that was genuinely the most sexual experience of my entire life,’ he sighs after the two chums inadvertently get stuck in the girls’ toilets and endure/enjoy the sound of the adjacent cubicle being used) Paul has a more pressing concern: he can see dead people.

Kaluuya plays Paul’s geeky best friend, Mac, who can’t.

‘I don’t mind not seeing ghosts, that’s cool, man,’ says Kaluuya. Paul finds out all this stuff for himself and Mac’s the guy going: “What the f***?

‘I still hang around with my friends from school.

But I’m really ambitious: I just want to take risks and try something new.’ That spirit of adventure has seen Camden lad Kaluuya switch from the surreal comedy of Psychoville (where he played Tealeaf) to the hard-hitting drama of acclaimed play Sucker Punch – for which he picked up a brace of best newcomer awards – with aplomb.

‘I had to look rubbish in the fight scenes, which was really hard,’ he laughs.

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