Dating a girl with anxiety and depression

12-Mar-2020 10:56

And its the smallest of things that someone can do or say to me that'll hit me.

Like just last week I couldn't go out with my roommates to celebrate one's birthday because I had a lot going on with school and work and I couldn't financially afford it. I remember thinking all that week "I'm going to fail this exam", "My boyfriend hates me, I don't think I'm worth it" (long distance, another story), or "If I fail, my whole family is going to be disappointed in me". I just analyze everything around me and put a negative on it.

How Does Your Partner Deal With Your Generalized Anxiety?

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Please, don’t baby your partner When dating someone with generalized anxiety there is a fine line between babying your partner and being sensitive to their needs.

For example, if the fear of death triggers anxiety attacks, then inform your partner in advance about death scenes in movies or TV series so that when the moment happens they can begin working with the new skill sets they adopted from their teachers.

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