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Piper attempts to help Mark and the two develop feelings.

They discover that Wong hid documents on Mark's body to fool the police into thinking it was he who had died.

Holmesian purists will probably take umbrage at such liberties, though Holmes and Watson (as we have seen from television) are endlessly serviceable in the cause of eye-catching sleuthery.

Even so, the Conan Doyle estate had to give its blessing to this enterprise as Dr Watson is trademarked.

Nice to know there’s a whole series like this, and presumably we can look forward to more.

In Chinatown, on the day of his birthday, Mark Chao is killed by the chief of a gang, Tony Wong, without any apparent motive. The spirit of Mark contacts Piper and Phoebe asking for help because if he is not buried in a short time, Yama, the gatekeeper of the gates of hell would collect his soul.

This creates a page-turning need more subtle (but no less effective) than some of the more breathless crime novels and thrillers.

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The story is told in alternating viewpoints of cops and teenagers, each of whom carries a piece of the puzzle.

Piper freezes Wong in place and photographs him with a newspaper announcing his own death to prove to the police that he is alive.

Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe are organizing a surprise party for Prue's birthday and Phoebe works as a psychic in the lobby of a hotel to earn money and buy a gift for Prue.

The mention of delegating was a broadside.” “She had been a dormant volcano in the caravan and at last she could send out sparks.” “The prospect of being with [his boss] for days to come, if not weeks, was about as appealing as gangrene.” “The crossed swords of the Victory Arch in Baghdad were no higher than [her] eyebrows.” “The three students turned their heads like meerkats.” In sum, a novel of engaging prose, intriguing and credible plot, and believable characters with a likable lead.

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In , Lovesey delivers a fine beach read—heck, a great fireside chair read, a straphanger commuter read, a stolen-moments-during-a-busy-day read, an anytime read.In Chinatown, on the day of his birthday, Mark Chao (John Chao) is killed by the chief of a gang, Tony Wong (Joe Hoe), without any apparent motive.

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