Dating foreign exchange student

09-Oct-2019 00:06

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When I went to the USA in August last year I had, like every other exchange-student-to-be, no thoughts except having a typical ”American year”. When she saw us coming back from our walk she looked at us and smiled.

High school, new friends, get to experience the American culture and just have fun for a year. She said: ”Don’t pretend like nothing’s happend, tell me!

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But, it wasn’t always easy dating your hostbrother. My representative in the USA told me if we didn’t end our relationsship, I was getting replaced or sent home. Yes, it was sad not to be able to be boyfriend and girlfriend on “homecoming” and “prom”. The last day of school, on Christophers “graduation”, we ignored all rules and what people said. Love conquers all, and if you want something much enough there is always a way of making it work! This story is how I as an Exchange Student at Wamego High School experienced a Friday Night Game Day in the American Football team.

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