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23-Sep-2019 13:54

'Love is blind' happens when people get too involved with someone they don't know enough.

Or they get into a sexual relationship with someone they don't know well enough, and that creates a strong bond." is based on a model I've developed called the Relationship Attachment Model or RAM," explained Van Epp.

We tend to be more selective with our friends than with our romantic relationships.

Don't build your relationships any differently than you would your friendships." "Research shows us that past relationships do affect future ones," explained Van Epp.

If they had problems or insecurities, what did they do about them? " Van Epp urges people to then "look at their conscience.

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When this happens, you feel like you can depend on the person. That feeling of trust exceeds what you truly know about the person." 90 days is not a magic number, guaranteeing relationship success, said Van Epp.

"The RAM has five stages of relationship development.

You build a relationship from left to right along this model.

It's saying; don't let one of the later stages develop more quickly than the one before." The Relationship Attachment Model assigns logic to the process of falling in love.

It gives a solid basis of trust and reliance before allowing intimacy to muddle the process of getting to know one another.

A jerk is somebody who has a significant or serious problem area with their personality and has no intention of altering it.

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