Dating matchless amplifiers

01-Oct-2019 06:31

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Mark Sampson and his friend, Rick Perrotta, formed Matchless Amplifiers in Mark’s kitchen back in 1989.

Two years later they pulled all of their resources to exhibit at the NAMM Show in Anaheim.

For the non-EL84 based amps, we used the internal speakers from the King Blues Twin which were 2-12″ Weber P12Ns.

Before describing what we heard, we should provide a little information about each participant and their preferences.

As Ron and I agreed that he was the best player in the warehouse, Oleg became our designated driver.

We first became familiar with each amp by tweaking tone controls, trying various speaker cabs, switching output tubes (in the EL84 amps) and using various guitars.

Mark continues to design and build products based on the needs of players who want something creative and unique.

They are not as refined and detailed as the Bugle Boys, but have a rawer, slightly darker sound that is cool for certain applications.