Dating mxr distortion pedal

27-Dec-2019 08:36

Once again, the switch is wired to give a true hard bypass, though the review unit had a faulty switch that wouldn't allow it to be turned off.

For me, most of the interesting sounds are to be found down near the low end of the gain control.

Feels like I'm plugging straight into the amp, even with a medium/big-sized pedalboard. Phase 90 has suddenly become the single most important pedal on my pedalboard. Granted, I don't engage this pedal very often, but it definitely provides that vintage phase tone when needed. Block cuts higher bell tones of my strat & boosts sound up with artificial swoosh sound/ more noise too. Delivers subtle yet present sweep allowing true tone thru. Very warm and subtle--adds so much when playing lead.

I haven't had a problem with volume drop or increase but i see theirs a mod for this, i'm scared extra knobs will just screw it up. adding a analog man buffer seems like a better compromise. Decided that I needed a phase pedal for some Led Zep covers (In My Time of Dying, etc) and tried out many high-end phase pedals at local shops.

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Other than that, you get the expected drive and master level controls, with one LED indicating when external power is on, and another when the effect is active.But as you turn up the gain, the tonal character becomes more generic.