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02-Jun-2020 00:19

All this expansion happened over a long period of time extending up to the Gupta period in the 4th century CE and contemporary art, architecture, and weapons entered the epic. Archaeology based on Mahabharata was conducted during the post-Independence period. For example, archaeology around Magadha revealed that the place was developed around the second millennium BCE and Painted Grey Ware was found there. I am not an insider and so I am not bound by the politics and preconceptions in the field.Still we don’t have older dates from other sites to push back the date of the epic. I spend lot of time reading about the topics I write about and most of the information comes from books or papers.I also run a history carnival in the 15th of every month.

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There is a problem with the earlier date because Mathura, Indraprastha, Kurukshetra, Kampilya and various other places mentioned in the epic did not exist at that their base and finally some who look at archaeological data.

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