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“It was pretty entertaining to watch.” Thomas — who was infamously slammed with sexual-harassment allegations in 1991 — loved to bathe and often stayed in the bathtub for hours, she said.“When I met him, he took showers so frequently that his shoulders were chapped and the skin was cracking from the water force, so I introduced him to baths with bath milk, oils and salts,” she said.This vote represented one of the lowest levels of support for Supreme Court nominees.Some of the public statements of Thomas's opponents foreshadowed the confirmation fight that would occur.Televised hearings were re-opened and held by the Senate Judiciary Committee before the nomination was moved to the full, Democratic-controlled, Senate for a vote.Thomas was confirmed by a narrow majority of 52 to 48.Biden held the book up for Thomas to see and denounced its contents.In his book, Epstein argues that the government should be regarded with the same respect as any other private entity in a property dispute.

Mc Ewen first spoke out about her relationship with Thomas in her 2011 memoir, “DC Unmasked & Undressed,” which detailed their romps and his strong interest in porn.

A former gal pal of Clarence Thomas said the future Supreme Court justice was a manscaping maven with an impeccable scent during their ménage-à-trois days.

“He mostly always smelled like soap and just naturally had a wonderful odor to his body,” retired federal prosecutor Lillian Mc Ewen, 70, told The Post.

The Cato Institute later paraphrased Biden's general line of questioning in the hearing as, "Are you now or have you ever been a libertarian?

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" On October 6, 1991, after the conclusion of the confirmation hearings, and while the full Senate was debating whether to give final approval to Thomas's nomination, NPR Supreme Court correspondent Nina Totenberg aired information from a leaked Judiciary Committee/FBI report stating that a former colleague of Thomas, University of Oklahoma law school professor Anita Hill, accused him of making unwelcome sexual comments to her when the two worked together at the Department of Education (ED) and then at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

When introducing Thomas that day, The president called him "the best person" in the country to take Marshall's place on the Court, a characterization belied, according to constitutional law expert Michael Gerhardt, by Thomas's "limited professional distinction, with his most significant legal experiences having been a controversial tenure as chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and barely more than one year of experience as a federal court of appeals judge." In 1992, Gerhardt Described the Thomas nomination as "a bold political move calculated to make it more difficult for many of the same civil rights organizations and southern blacks, who opposed Judge [Robert] Bork's [Supreme Court] nomination, to oppose Justice Thomas." He also wrote that, "in selecting Justice Thomas, President Bush returned to a prac- tice-nominating extreme ideologues for the Supreme Court-that many hoped had ended with the Senate's rejection of Judge Bork." Attorney General Richard Thornburgh had previously warned Bush that replacing Thurgood Marshall, who was widely revered as a civil rights icon, with any candidate who was not perceived to share Marshall's views would make the confirmation process difficult; and the Thomas nomination filled various groups with indignation, among them the: NAACP, Urban League and the National Organization for Women, who believed he would likely swing the ideological balance on the court to the right.

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