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But when we talk about eukaryotic cells, we're not just talking about a membrane-bound nucleus, we're also talking about other membrane-bound organelles and in a close second place for a membrane-bound structure that is very important to the cell would be the mitochondria.

So let's draw some mitochondria right over here. A-T-P factories and if you watched the videos on ATP or cellular respiration or other videos, I'd repeatedly talk about how ATP is really the currency for energy in the cell that when it's in its ATP form you have adenosine triphosphate.

So all the DNA that's inside of you, the bulk of it, yes, it is in your nuclear DNA, but you still have a little bit of DNA in your mitochondria and what's interesting is your mitochondrial DNA, your mitochondria, are inherited, essentially, from your mother's side, because when a egg is fertilized, a human egg has tons of mitochondria in it and I'm obviously not drawing all of the things in the human egg. The sperm has some mitochondria in it, you could imagine it needs to be able to win that very competitive fight to get to fertilize the egg, but the current theory is all or most of that gets digested or dissolved once it actually gets into the egg.

And anyway, the egg itself has way more mitochondria, so the DNA in your mitochondria is from your mother or is essentially from your mother's side and that's actually used, mitochondrial DNA, when people talk about kind of an ancient Eve or tracing back to having kind of one common mother, people are looking at the mitochondrial DNA, so it is actually quite, quite fascinating.

And I'll first draw kind of a simplified drawing of a mitochondion and I'll draw a cross section. This is the outer membrane right over here and we label that. And all of these membranes that I'm gonna draw, they're all going to be phospholipid bilayers.

So if I were to zoom in right over here, so let me, if I were to zoom in, we would see a bilayer of phospholipids.

So inside the inner membrane you have this area right over here is called the matrix. So Krebs cycle is occuring in the matrix and then I said the electron transport chain which is really what's responsible for producing the bulk of the ATP, that is happening through proteins that are straddling the inner membrane or straddling the cristae right over here. Probably one of the most fascinating parts of mitochondria, we said that we think that they are descendent from these ancient independent lifeforms and in order to be an ancient independent life form, they'd would have to have some information, some way to actually transmit their genetic information and, it turns out, mitochondria actually have their own genetic information.

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