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30-Nov-2019 19:59

On 21 August, a Marine armoured supply column became lost in a field, and was subsequently ambushed by VC.

This event was covered by journalist Peter Arnett and proved an embarrassment to the LBJ administration, who wanted to retain a secrecy of the operation.

Lessons learned from the battle include the knowledge that the daily allotment of 2 gallons of water per man was inadequate in the heat of Vietnam and that the M14 Rifle was too bulky for troops crammed into small armored personnel carriers (APCs).

This article incorporates public domain material from websites or documents of the United States Marine Corps.

Company I was ordered to join Companies H and K and clean up any opposition, but was caught in a crossfire from Nam Yen Dan Hill 30.

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Company H established a defensive perimeter and were told to await reinforcements.Operation Starlite (also known in Vietnam as Battle of Van Tuong) was the first major offensive regimental size action conducted by a purely U. The operation was conducted as a combined arms assault involving ground, air and naval units. It was launched on D-Day August 18, 1965, involving 5,500 Marines.

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