Dating zippo barcroft

12-Apr-2020 21:26

The mount used between 19 was plain cardboard with a lighter-shaped cutout, covered with matte-black paper.

The paper was switched to a glossy style that was used from the year 1933 until 1936.

Then the use of boxes was terminated, the last boxes were decorated with the flame design. The Zippo was first introduced as a promotional item in 1936 by the Kendall Refining Company.

Kendall ordered 500 Zippo lighters with their trademark glued to the case for advertising purposes.

Published a series of lighters «Town and Country», on which were depicted animals, birds and pictures of hunting theme, with the first was to test a new method of drawing images on metal: contour image is first engraved on the lighter to a depth of a few thousandths of an inch, then the circuit inside colorable by hand airbrushing and image solidified by heating to a high temperature.

In the market for the first time presented a pipe model Zippo, which are characterized in that windproof part has one large hole on each side and the top of the windshield covered plate for easy lighting a pipe a lighter.

The lighter was returned postpaid within 48 hours with a note reading, "We thank you for the opportunity of serving your lighter".

The concept of a lifetime warranty became Zippo's primary marketing scheme. The initials were engraved in a frame against a background color.

The Zippo's story begins at this darkest moment.

Zippo began to engrave initials and providing two types of metal insignia on the lighter (the "Scotty Group", depicting dogs, and the "Drunk", portraying a drunkard leaning on a gaslight pole in 1936. The various colors includes: red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and white. It is a wholesale catalog of a company in Minnesota directed to retail stores.