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DEXP can be used to unlock new Date locations or to raise your Girlfriend's Affection.Certain locations also come with Special Scenarios and item rewards as well.In another case the ASA ruled that the claim “London's #1 Speed Dating Events & Singles Parties” was misleading as the advertiser could not demonstrate that their events were attended by more members than other speed dating events and singles parties in London (Dateina, 20 November 2013).For further guidance on this topic please see Types of claims: “No. It’s common to claim that a dating site is “completely free”.You can increase the number of Girlfriends that can go on dates at the same time by spending 50 NP per Girlfriend.The amount of time needed for the Date will vary by location, with longer dates earning more DEXP (Date EXP) upon completion.(, 20 February 2013 and Anastasia International Inc, 2 July 2014).Some imagery may be permitted, as long as it is not gratuitous nor sexually explicit.

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Each spot has a unique location, varying date times, and earn varying amounts of DEXP.

Special thanks to Anubis[5JZ4HD8D] for sharing tons of date spot data and Rez[H36U4K7P] for date spot images and scenarios!

The Dream Catcher is a mini game you can play with your Girlfriend. Try to grab capsules that contain either items or Shells.

Rare Accessory Coupon prize can also be won from capsules.

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10 Accessory Coupons can be exchanged for any of one number of Dream Catcher Limited Accessories.For more information on how to price promotional products, please see our guidance on Promotional Savings Claims.