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On 17th April 2014, the Central European Journal of Urology reported a study which investigated the direct in vitro influence of mobile phone radiation on sperm DNA fragmentation and motility parameters in healthy human subjects with normozoospermia.Normozoospermia is the presence of normal sperm in male seminal fluid.The dire debt maths of the USA's public finances, the bankruptcy of the US corporation rogue faction (UNITED STATES, INC.), and the knee-jerk protectionist trade wars being megaphoned from Washington DC can mean only one thing.The US dollar is about to become an ephemeral paper-based bathroom accessory.In addition to chip implants, 5G also targets smart phones, smart refrigerators, smart speakers, smart utility meters, heart pacemakers, car satnavs, passenger plane autopilots, tablets, laptops, wireless routers and anything fitted with tracking devices such as secure keyrings and bank cards.On this view, 5G appears to have the capacity to be a worldwide body control and instant kill weapons system. Already the 5G antennae are as dense as one every 50-100m in the neighbourhoods where the system is being deployed. There should be great cause for concern with regard to the likely risks of human exposure to high levels of deliberately unregulated electromagnetic radiation.According to research conducted by the Bank of England in London, the USA now accounts for only 10% of world trade.Despite this, in 2019, over 70% of global GDP still uses the US dollar as an anchor currency (a reserve currency). Gold will be an important factor in the coming international changes. More Is the new 5G communications system a directed-energy weapons system covertly backed by an élite Nazi-continuum Satanist faction?

Each sperm sample was divided into two equal portions, labelled A and B.

5G is presented to the public as a benevolent new technology which will bring rapid wireless data and internet connections to the whole world. For example, exactly the same frequencies used by the US Department of Defense in crowd-control weapons form the foundation of the 5G network.

It is also being presented as a natural technological evolution from 3G and 4G. Strong links are becoming apparent between 5G-type electromagnetic radiation, cancer activation and brain abnormalities.

For this reason similar dangerous technologies are banned in hospital nurseries and elementary schools across several countries in Europe.

Children are particularly vulnerable to fundamental deep damage by the 5G-style EMR ouput.A remote computer can dial up or dial down both the energy-level of the 5G radiation being deployed and the pulse frequency with which it invisibly zaps its selected targets. Some are suggesting that an old negative extraterrestrial AI system is controlling the human controllers of 5G.

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