Fubar dating site who is miley cirus dating

06-Jul-2020 08:50

Back in 2009 I had my first fu profile under the name Gem Girl.

Back then I wasn't sober yet and I know I approached things the wrong way, of course I was booted off.

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I achieved every goal that I set out to do on fubar.I have read all those that post negative comments about fubar.I know all sites have issues but those posting are those that scam the site they say they love while on it trying to get money out of other members.FACT If you were banned from anywhere, it was by site Admins, not bouncers, with all websites and controllers of such, there is no severe tos allowances.

It's never personal, it is a business that millions & millions of other are enjoying daily , (they don't break the rules). Negative you are , Fubar and it's members follow those rules and all the work involved maintaining it is beyond the rule breakers & removed problematic's.

Nobody knew who I actually was except the people closest to me, Distantraveler, MFKN Acesindahole, and Smokey the Bearman.