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01-Dec-2019 05:46

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Find a happy medium and you’ll attract dates who understand your responsibilities but also want to get to know you for your personality, sense of humour and values.This applies to both your personal ad and any messages you exchange with matches.But what exactly should you include in your profile to get those messages and dates from other eligible singles looking for love? And with good reason – using Match, you can browse a huge selection of singles and match with people who share the right values and dating goals for you – and your kids.Mention your kids in your personal ad and include a photo of you together.While it’s important you tell potential matches that you’re a parent, there’s more to you than your kids.

If you’re going to go down this road, at least use a more unusual line that your date might not have heard before.

Mentioning exes in your profile will make it seem like you haven’t moved on and that you’re on the hunt for rebound dates.

If you start dating someone more seriously, exes will inevitably come up, but wait for the right time to raise this subject rather than diving straight in.

As a single parent, you have enough on your mind when it comes to your little cherubs and their education, social life, health and anything else you can think of.

Ensuring that potential dates know exactly what you’re looking for means their future plans will align with yours and you should avoid any potentially awkward chats about what you both want further down the line Giving potential dates an obvious way to break the ice will make them more likely to message you, as they won’t be agonising over how to get the conversation going.Say what it is, why you are passionate about it – a bit of history about how you first got involved is great – and how that manifests in your life.