Is interracial dating ethically sound

16-Sep-2019 19:41

People of different races are starting to date more (which shows the progression) but it is less likely to lead to marriage, compared to same race couples.Henderson and Rockquemore talk about how Americans believe we have developed a “color-blind” society, but they don’t specify what American think that or where the information comes from....[tags: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, Miscegenation] - Interracial couples as well as same sex couples face many of the same controversial problems and dilemmas, however, not many differences could be seen between the values of these couples regardless of their generations.The two different groups of individuals being interviewed were a selected group of interracial couples of an older age group ranging from 60 – 33, and a group of same sex couples the ages of 25 – 19.[tags: Films Movies Analysis Relationships Essays] - Interracial and Cross Cultural Dating of Generation Y Interracial romance has been an issue in the United States since the first English settlers established colonies during the seventeenth century.Over the years, views toward interracial relationships in America have changed greatly.

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However, there are still many biases facing Gen-Y youth who choose to date someone of another race.My first research question is: To what extent does social factors affect participation or views on interracial dating....

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