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29-Aug-2020 08:41

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Researchers in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology conducted a study to ‘understand how dating couples can maintain feelings of relationship satisfaction in their daily lives and over the course of time.’ Researchers found that couples were most likely to be happier when both of them had a life-seeking attitude that embraced every challenge with positive energy.

Ideally, both partners would share this attitude, but happiness is still achievable if at least one of you is cheerful enough to pull the other one along.

Think about when you feel truly your best self and think about how you can feel that way more often.

Are you with your partner when you feel this way or are you with other people or alone?

Relaxing in a park or going for a walk are fun activities when your partner is a perfect match.

Maybe you aren’t a patient person, but your partner is willing to wait in line for you when you can’t handle it.

In contrast, if your partner looks at life as a series of events that are focused on avoiding bad things rather than seeking the good, your chances of a perfect match for happiness are decreased.