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28-Aug-2020 20:35

If so, you could be sufferer of the Internet-borne phobia – trypophobia.

In the early 2000s, a large number of netizens united over their common aversion to pictures of clusters of small holes, such as that of a beehive.

In fact, an expert pointed out the fact that “what we know as trypophobia today is merely a contagious emotion of people towards another.” He claimed that the disgust of others may or may not affect your personal perspective, as aforementioned.

This is why psychologists believe that such phobia does not exist, but postulates that the reaction is just a relation of fear and disgust, since recent studies showed that fear and disgust go hand in hand.

"It is my hope that one day the academic and scientific communities will, at the very least, acknowledge the aversion to holes and certain patterns." For almost a decade, the so-called phobia was nothing more than an Internet phenomenon.

This Internet phenomenon became so widely popular that researchers finally took an in-depth study regarding it and have found explanation on its validity and possible cause.

The popularity of this phenomenon, called trypophobia, rooted from the growth of online image sharing that made people realize and discover their shared revulsion towards clusters of holes, causing minor reactions such as itchiness and discomfort to severe ones like sleeplessness and nausea.

The non-existent term trypophobia, which appeared to have been coined by an unidentified Irish netizen in 2005, originated from the Greek word “trypo” – meaning, boring holes– and “phobia” which means irrational fear towards an object.

"I started the website and Facebook page because I suspected this was a very common phobia and I wanted a place where people could compile information," Andrews says.

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One of the most prominent experiments is conducted by Geoff Cole and Arnold Wilkins, two psychologists at the University of Essex in England.

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They showed a picture of a lotus seed head to 286 adults aged 18-55 years old, wherein 11% of men and 18% of women described the seed head as “uncomfortable or even repulsive to look at,” indicating a minor level of revulsion.Experts believe that fear and phobia originate from past experiences of influences by others.