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26-Feb-2020 23:44

The Center hosts a number of discussion groups, including Women Loving Women (for queer-identified women) and Spectrum (for genderqueer, trans, or gender non-conforming students).

There’s a really nice library inside the Center, too, with books (academic LGBT stuff but also fiction! It also has programs like Ally Training and tons of social, political, and generally educational events for both LGBT students, and Duke and Durham in general. NCCU’s LGBT organization, Colors of NCCU, helped to sponsor an LGBT Celebration Week last February that included documentary film screenings, a panel discussion of Amendment One, and even speed dating.

If you’re vegetarian, try the portobello mushroom burger — it’s one of my favorites (the other is the polenta burger at Bull City Burger and Brewery).

Bull Street Gourmet has excellent sandwiches; I was really impressed, though, by their willingness to explore vegetarian options.

We get to know you personally and put all potential matches through a thorough vetting process, so your dating experience can be enjoyable and worry-free.And with good reason; queers are everywhere in Durham, busy being all kinds of awesome. The Bar hosts a range of events, including karaoke, darts, and this year’s Official Pride Afterparty.