Liquidating of ghetto

06-Nov-2020 02:13

The report says that the order to prepare such a plan came directly from Hitler.

The plan provides that the Warsaw ghetto is to become “Judenrein” by the end of 1946.

] that people don't have time to flee the houses and perish inside in a tragic manner. People with bundles run from house to house, from street to street, there is no rescue, no one knows where to take shelter.

The Warsaw ghetto remains one of the darkest examples of Nazi Germany’s cruel, calculated efforts to first contain Europe’s Jewish populations and then eliminate them entirely.

In cases where the National Labor Exchange allows exceptions, the Jews working singly must be kept separated from the non-Jewish workers. German employers may force Jewish and Polish workers to work on official holidays.

Bilious smoke blocked out the sky, yet the light was as strong as day. The courtyard was covered in shards of glass, pieces of brick, of tin, of charred wood, of damaged piping and other debris, window frames, pieces of walls, furniture and household utensils; it all amounted to a sight which is hard to describe. I was no stranger to destruction, including the last days of the 1939 siege of Warsaw. But the present destruction surpassed anything I had ever seen. The “clarified” slave labor regulations point out that apart from previously announced restrictions for Jewish and Polish laborers, the following instructions are to be carried out: 1.

Jews should be used as far as possible for unskilled work only. As war prisoners, Jews should be set to work in groups only.

In informing the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto that they will not be permitted to remain even there, the Warschauer Zeitung states that the Nazi authorities intend to reconstruct the ghetto section of the city into a modern quarter of Warsaw by demolishing the old buildings and erecting new modern apartment houses which will be restricted to Germans only. Fischer has been entrusted with working out all the details of the transfer of the Jews from the Warsaw ghetto to the Lublin reservation, the Nazi newspaper reports.

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