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29-Nov-2019 08:59

Most of our gay chats are completely free without registration.We stand out against other gay chat sites because of our huge range of ways to meet hot gay guys.How and why have you received this threatening email?If a data breach has happened at some point (whether that be recent or in the past) your email address may have been exposed online.If i receive my payment all the material will be destroyed and you will never hear from me again.If you dont believe and want proof just reply to this email with “PROOF” and i will send your video to 3 of your contacts. Subject: YOUR PRIVACY HAS BEEN COMPROMISED Hi, i guess you’re wondering why you’re receiving this email right?If you would like to discuss please visit our forum, you can click here to get redirected to the forum.

In this instance the victim receives an email suggesting they have been recorded through their webcam whilst watching adult websites.The cybercriminals generate a threatening email, the more threatening the email; the more likely people are to fall victim to it!In this case, they have used watching porn as a way of humiliating their victims. If they have listed one of your passwords within their email, it is likely that they’re using this as an attempt to make you feel like they have evidence against you.My Bitcoin address is: 14AXbq Cf LBh6MQzb A6VB7a M49Rsq8Gig T6 You have only 24 hours after reading this e-mail to send my payment (i have set a pixel in this message and i will know the date and time you read it).

If you decide not to make my payment i will send your double-screen video to all your contacts (yes this includes co-workers, friends, family, etc…) and of course make the video public available on internet.

If you are concerned and want to ensure you are protected in future we recommend the following: 1. Get a webcam cover & microphone blocker to prevent access 3.

Technically they may not be prostitutes, but they still have a prostitute’s mind set.… continue reading »

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