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07-May-2020 06:16

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Saudi capital Riyadh has been hosting meetings including those with members of the former ruling party in Yemen amid reports the international community is working hard to help Yemenis find a political solution to the crisis.

The relationship between Yemen and donors has been affected by the latest developments especially the Houthi Militant Group's takeover of the capital city of Sanaa, a Yemeni official told the Alhayat Newspaper.

Yemen's health ministry appealed to intervene and save around 1.700 patients requiring kidney implantation surgeries as the country is continuing to suffer from acute shortages of life-saving medicines and other supplies due to the ongoing conflict.-Within 6 months, Houthis will request that the Houthi presidential advisor attends important meetings between President Abdurabu Hadi and international leaders.

No more closed door meetings for Hadi only those done secretly.

Hadi’s government, appeared to be gloating that another Yemeni armed force had given up on Mr.

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On Saturday, the secessionists seized Aden’s military bases and the presidential palace after allowing the soldiers posted there to surrender, said Nizar Haytham, a spokesman for the secessionists, known as the Southern Transitional Council.“Is there any thread of shame left for the deluded ones and the dreamers?