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29-Oct-2020 11:53

On the head of the statue there are clear signs of a bridle which in turn confirms that inhabitant of al‑Magar domesticated horses”“Presence of horse statues of big sizes, coupled with Neolithic artefacts and tools dating back to 9,000 years ago is considered an important archaeological discovery at the international arena particularly in view that the latest studies indicated that animal domestication was known for the first time 5,500 years ago in central Asia.

This site demonstrated that horses were domesticated in Saudi Arabia before a long period of the afore‑mentioned date”“Al‑Magar site incarnated four significant Arabian cultural characteristics for which the Arabs are highly proud of.

A team of the SCTH along with international scholars carried out a one‑day expedition on the site.

This permitted them to complete the ground sampling of artefacts and to collect organic material for radiocarbon dating.

The contention about domestication comes from two distinctive features, one of which suggests some kind of strap going from the shoulder to the forefoot and the other involving delicate incising around the muzzle.

The proof from the find goes no higher than that, being just carvings indicative of a kind of primitive bridle.

The extracted collagen of four burned bones of unpublished provenance was dated to 7,300–6,640 cal BC.“The artefacts and objects found at the site showed that the Neolithic period was the last period when human beings lived on the site 9,000 years ago.

Making the heart of the Arabian Peninsula the cradle of the Arabian horse and of horsemanship was not only a matter of scientific debate, it also achieved ideological purposes.This date is asserted after the presence of specific types of arrowheads and four fragments of bones, whose collagen was radiocarbon dated to c. Yet, the exact provenance of these organic samples is unknown, and as stated by others the relationship between the stone figures, the arrowheads and radiocarbon samples is not clear“The evidence from the 86‑centimetre‑long fragment spotted by Gublan is tantalisingly inconclusive.

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