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02-Aug-2020 23:07

This is further broken down into two days, each of which is two drill periods, for a total of four drill periods per drill UTA.The two weeks a year refers to two weeks of Annual Training (also called AT days).I’m having a hard time finding out how (if at all) the training / tech school differs for Reserve/Guard members.I’ve read that you can train “closer to home”, but have struggled to find anything to back it up.This is why serving in the Guard or Reserves is often referred to as “serving closer to home.” Of course, this is relative, as you may have a commute to your unit (in some cases you may be eligible for travel reimbursement).The two weeks of Annual Training can be served in different times or locations, based on unit needs or scheduling requirements.Their service differs only after they complete basic training, tech school, and any required follow-on training (if any).

This distinction is important to understand because in some branches of the military, and in some career fields, you will be required to serve your two weeks a year in a fixed time and place with everyone else.

Thank you for contacting me, and I’m glad my podcast has been helpful. You’re probably having a difficult time finding this information because tech school training doesn’t usually differ for members of the Guard and Reserves.

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