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There had to be other conditions: On court changeovers, for example, Peachy was required to take a swig of beer while Vicki downed Scotch.Rosie also decided that everyone must be dressed appropriately, so she and Shari Barman, a friend, bought ‘Ladies of the Evening’ T-shirts and acrylic pants.On Instagram, David has been chatting with his alleged new girlfriend, Lesley Cook, on a regular basis and last month, she posted a photo of them in Las Vegas.In the photo, the reported couple appeared quite cozy as they posed with their arms around each other. David’s estranged wife, Shannon, 53, announced their separation in late October of last year and filed for divorce two months later. Hes- Maine South coach, Enomy Paises', said the softball team will weat a patch os- other symbol irs semembsance of Paige svisen theis season begins in Apt-il. down FIn RRG(OQ Ih D FMCA Eapltss 11/35/OR t Plustax. NTK AV E' W/$soo DOWN UIZITi OLIDCIli IA $i ' SHOP 24/7 @ Www GOLFMILLFORDco M SERVICE & PARTS HOURS: MON-TOURS 7AMIUPM, RIFOROFOCUSSE OOMERCURYM! PERMONTH:r,» QQ OD lit Uflh Ilfl Un J138S ACLO0010I IA ,' i- 4 W,s500 DOWN IRANSMJSSIÓIL ALLOY ARLEELS . h Authorized Dealers New Car Buyers Guide QACURA o, o o C'1 LIBERTY DODGE CHRYSLER JEEP .0 E SHERMAN DODGE JEEP 7601 N. Bili Jacobs Land Rover HIflsda Ie BMW 303 E Ogden Ave Hiesdale, IL 60521 866-516-8045 Iandrovors. usitees loes- liaste and efforts softbosll team, will be 7-10 eatclses' osi Monino South's and also played with the Pask Ridge Pistols softball league. SAT DAM-7PM SERVICE DEPARTMENT OPEN LATE' FRI 7AM-TPM, SAT U AM5PM EM 0MW 03 O4HONDACIRIC t3l1: 0* CHRYSLER SEURDIG T l. .' 09 TOYOTA COROLLA LE O7MAZOAE ILJn.o Lsun Int Ilt T r# NEW 2009 FORD F260 SUPERDUTY 03 METSUILISRI LANE ER ES Ufl PIn BLDIDIII. N1I.14,989 t _____14I98S 1O, S8 IWDKUCIWUIUZ '77l*OR 279t *OR 269t $. BWUI 1111 4 .16389 I I E CAR1DOCA FARO BANGER LOT CAB W UWNONI SONa TA RIS 1100455AC, 1100310 FACTORY LTSEOAN Io Tow WIHnl KS mlx n BUUIII1II - : O8CKEW000AIT ., OSOOOGEAYENKERSET RUNNINGP BY 1H E VI*TPO*0*1(IIL Ilslw*Onn l OWcn L IUALIIIM! h ONOr ES III lo T i Iost Ta Lo I DIROIBS osly SEI d Ialir (or delailo 2 5O coin with IRTILABI osdil OBSBA on 2000 total new VEh ICl E saies lil La OIIET will rol h OIST a AId0R Irrois O this ELYId ISLEIIL PIOGES III LLd T Drive one. RIZZA SAAB 8425 West 159th JOE RIZZA KIA 159th 5 80th Ave. Behind the scenes, Berner infamously faced off against another former player-turned-tour director, Peachy Kellmeyer, in a high jinks challenge match that saw the two staffers egged on by the game’s biggest names.Writing in her autobiography, Evert noted of the 1975 soiree: “Of course, (chief instigator) Rosie could not just have Peachy and Vicki play a routine match.

The WTA sends its condolences to all of her family and friends.

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