New black panther party intimidating voters

06-Nov-2020 10:09

This testimony was ignored by a reporter at the hearing, who posted a story claiming that “there was no evidence that voters had been prevented from casting ballots in Philadelphia.” #ad#Bartle Bull — a well-known Democratic lawyer (and former publisher of ), who worked in the South during the height of the civil-rights campaign — saw the same thing happen.

He had also gotten a call about the intimidation and drove to the polling place.

The hearing started with brief opening statements from the commissioners.

Then all the depositions and other evidence gathered by the commission were entered into the record.

It was a pretty dramatic moment in the hearing room when Bull, Hill, and Mauro turned in their chairs, and Bull pointed to one of the Panthers sitting two seats down from me and identified him as the one who wielded the billy club that day and who also said on the documentary that he wanted to kill white people. Lamar Smith (R., Texas), has been tireless in his efforts to get Justice to explain its actions in this case, also testified.

A former deputy associate attorney general, Greg Katsas, testified that this was a clear case of voter intimidation, and that there is really no explanation for the DOJ dismissal. He would have been a difficult man for someone like Commissioner Yaki to attack as a partisan or a racist: Wolf was the only member of the Virginia congressional delegation, Republican or Democrat, to vote for the renewal of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act in 1981, even though he suffered withering criticism in his home state.

A number of Panthers, including two of the defendants in the lawsuit the DOJ dropped (Jerry Jackson and King Samir Shabazz), marched into the hearing room in their black, fascist-style paramilitary uniforms.

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That same DOJ leadership apparently doesn’t believe the NBPP was engaging in intimidation when it sent thugs uniformed like Mussolini’s blackshirts, one with a billy club, to stand in front of the entrance to a polling place. In the middle of it, King Samir Shabazz, the Panther who swung the billy club on Election Day, got up, moved to the side of the hearing room slightly in front of the witnesses, and photographed the three men seated at the witness table testifying against him.Hill is a former infantry soldier who lives only nine blocks from the polling place.They were part of a roving team that responded on Election Day to a desperate call for help from a black poll watcher.The Democratic commissioners, especially Michael Yaki, a former Pelosi staffer, tried to minimize what happened in Philadelphia; he even said at one point that there may have been no more than a couple of people who were turned away.

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Yaki was unable to produce any evidence that would support that assertion.The voters turned around and left; they said they would “come back later” to vote. And Hill and Mauro were there for only a short time.

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