Nikolaev ukraine dating agency ukraine

08-May-2020 15:02

Nikolaev or Mykolaiv is a city located in the south of Ukraine, at the mouth of the Ingul River where it flows into the Southern Bug, 65 kilometers from the Black Sea, the administrative center of the Nikolaev region.

Nikolaev became a large industrial center in the south of the Russian Empire. Before the Second World War, the city was again an important industrial center.

During the Crimean War, Nikolaev became the main rear base of the Black Sea Fleet.

The Paris Peace Treaty signed after the Crimean War forbade all Black Sea powers to have naval fleets, arsenals, and fortresses on the Black Sea.

Today, Nikolaev is a large industrial, business, political, and cultural center of the south of Ukraine.

Nikolaev is located in the south of the steppe zone of Ukraine, on a peninsula washed by the waters of the Southern Bug and Ingul rivers.

Due to it the transformation of Nikolaev into a large commercial port began.

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