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After the breakup of their team, she teamed up with the Hardy Boyz to form the stable called Team Extreme.She also had rivalries with Trish Stratus, Ivory, Edge, Christian, and Stephanie Mc Mahon-Helmsley, the latter whom she defeated to clinch her first ever Women’s Championship title.After dating Shane Morton, a member of her Luchagors band in 2008, she moved on with CM Punk the following year. Since her time at the WWE, Dumas has managed to keep herself busy.Apart from bit-part appearances on the WWE and other promotions, she has also worked as an analyst at the promotion and also as a trainer for younger budding wrestlers.After leaving WWE, Amy Dumas continued to appear on several independent wrestling promotions as a wrestler and a referee.

Dumas hung her gloves from full-time wrestling in 2006 after having fought for six years in the WWE and many independent wrestling promotions before that.Amy Dumas won her second Women’s Championship against Trish Stratus on December 6, 2004.