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He was declared a National Artist of the Philippines in 2001.

He studied at Burgos Elementary School, Mapa High School and at the University of the Philippines where he finished his Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 1959.

Resous nou yo ki fasil pou konprann epi ki gratis kapab ede ou jwenn enfòmasyon sou grèf, planifye pou sa pidevan, adapte ou avèk lavi ou apre grèf la, ak plis lòt enfòmasyon.

Itilize lyen ki anba la a pou gen aksè nan anpil materyèl nan lang Kreyòl.

Aside from film, Bernal also directed television shows like the long-time drama series Ang Makulay Na Daigdig ni Nora (The Colorful World of Nora) for which he was named Outstanding Director in a Drama Series by the Patas Awards in 1979; Metro Magazine, Isip Pinoy, Dear Teacher and episodes for PETABISYON and Lorna.

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Until his demise, he remained part of DGPI, an organization that studies the role of film as an instrument of entertainment, education and development. He nurtured his passion for literature and theater by actively participating in the U. During the 1960s, Bernal put up When It's A Grey November In Your Soul, in Malate which became one of the favorite watering holes of Manila's artists and intellectuals.

The scene captures it all: the decadence of the Martial Law regime, along with its perverse aspirations to art, has doomed the destinies of Filipinos.