Podcasts not updating itunes

30-Nov-2020 17:51

podcasts not updating itunes-20

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After personally reviewing the specs, as well as reading up (and keeping up) with Libsyn, our preferred podcast hosting provider, the most common reason that your podcast feed stops updating on ITunes is due to your artwork. So I would like to refer you either to the above link, or check out my blog post on Podcast Artwork.One of the hidden specs that Apple doesn't really disclose, but Libsyn has stated over and over due to direct correspondence with Apple, is that your podcast artwork should not exceed 500kb in file size.This will send a signal to Apple's computers to force a refresh of your feed within 24 hours (I've seen it work much faster, but give it up to 24 hours).

podcasts not updating itunes-20

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Log in, click on your podcast, and look for "Refresh Feed". Use this tab to search for specific episodes, shows, providers, or topics.