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22-Jan-2020 08:57

One of the differences between Auri Stor FS and earlier AFS variants is the use of secure callback channels.

Once the cache manager obtains the latest metadata it can compare the current data version number to the version of the data that was cached.

The file server will attempt for a period of time to send the callback RPC but will not block indefinitely.

Instead, it will queue a delayed callback message for the client it could not reach and complete the RPC to the issuer.

Visit Stack Exchange The *data version number" for an object is incremented each time the object's data is modified but not when the metadata changes.

The client, aka the cache manager, is permitted to cache data and metadata for an object but is only permitted to consider it up to date if it has obtained a *callback promise" from a file server.

However, the dialog that pops up asking me if I want to make it genuine seems to crash or give a fatal error: 0x D000006.

Thanks to all of the media reports this past year, we should all be aware that the standard desktop version of Windows XP has past EOL.

Therefore it cannot be used to transmit the actual data or metadata change.

The cache manager must fetch that over its own connection which is potentially authenticated and encrypted.

Restricting these background tasks permissions will also generate this error. For example, shutting down, resetting the time back two years in the BIOS, and then restarting Windows might generate this error.

The fix is to run the "Microsoft Genuine Advantage" verification tool downloadable from Microsoft.One of the properties of the AFS cache coherency model is that the file system is treated as a serialized messaging platform.