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Coderre said he’d let the judicial process play out, but that the pressure on the victims should be relieved.“It’s zero tolerance,” Coderre said.

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Those who did answer in the affirmative were more likely to be young (27 per cent), male (26 per cent), wealthier (22 per cent), have no religious affiliation (23 per cent) and hail from Atlantic Canada (21 per cent) or British Columbia (20 per cent).Curiously, Green Party supporters were more likely to be pornography users and those with children were slightly more likely to indulge than the childless (18 vs. The interactive phone survey was conducted on July 18 and asked 1,624 randomly-selected Canadians 18 years about their pornography viewing habits, starting with “We are going to ask a series of very personal questions.If you’d prefer not to answer, just press 9.” Those who didn’t press nine offered some interesting insight into what Canadians do when they have idle hands and an internet connection.Of the male pornography users, 43 per cent said they watched it once a week or more whereas the majority of women said they only watched it once a year or less (29 per cent) or every few months (38 per cent).

Again, Green Party supporters were the most frequent users, with 56 per cent of those saying they do watch pornography indulging once a week or more.

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