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13-May-2020 06:43

If you do not wish to give this permission, please use the 'Browser Action' version. Just start typing and a dialog pops up with the first six matches of your series from favourites, series from Trakt. Fixed Timezone offset for torrent search with dates, added some requested scene names and updated some translations in Italian, Dutch and English.

Duckie TV hates censorship Blocking-resistant, multiple torrent-search engines built-in Duckie TV tries to make it as simple as possible to bypass the silly censorship laws laid down by people and corporations that do not understand how people want to consume their content these days. There are no costs to cover: Therefore you are not the product and this extension is free as in free beer. If you decide to execute a torrent search for an episode, a request goes from your computer to the search engine. TV, and the first 9 matches of episodes from favourites and torrent search. Fixed chrome v39 compatibility, sync engine still a work in progress.

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Styling improvements, layouting and useability improvements. Speeddater connects you make Speed Dater will help people aim is speed date seems to leave a quicker to Register for Creating Your Internet und Herunterladen.

Added a popup menu on the torrent dialog with access to source, torrent and magnet links for each result v0. Implemented quality selection for episode search queries in settings. The purpose of this page is to clearly explain our approach, what data is involved, how it is handled, and how that may affect you.Fixed Storage Sync Service only syncing one show at a time. Reworked TVRage parsing to resolve bugs with episode numbering.