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Ruth Negga (born 7 January 1982) is an Ethiopian-Irish actress who has appeared in the films Capital Letters (2004) (also released as Trafficked in some countries), Isolation (2005), Breakfast on Pluto (2005) and Warcraft(2016). Prior to this, she had been working mostly in theatre.

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Negga has been in a relationship with actor Dominic Cooper since 2010 and lives in London. He has worked in television, film, theatre and radio including Mamma Mia!

Mildred, heavily pregnant, is in the jail all weekend.

The Lovings are eventually forced to move to DC to stay clear of more jail time. They try to carve out a life for their family in the city where their marriage is recognized and their children aren’t considered illegitimate, but Mildred becomes more depressed.

Please take this down if this is inappropriate, but it made me sad to read.

I always liked knowing that they were together IRL.He takes in the news, thinks about it, and tells her with a smile that it’s "good." We already know why she’s hesitant — not because they’re unmarried, but because she’s black and he’s white.